Why does the Wireless MOXA unit show only 2 red LEDs for the wireless signal strength?

Why does the Wireless MOXA unit show only 2 red LEDs for the wireless signal strength?

If your Wireless MOXA unit, AKA Wireless CNC Connect, only shows 2 red LEDs for the wireless signal strength, the wireless receiver on the device is receiving a weak signal from the wireless access point.

We recommend using an external antenna or moving the antenna to a better location. The optimal location for any wireless device is going to involve having a direct line of sight from the antenna to the access point you intend to communicate with.

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Our networking machines were a real Frankenstein monster, with loading programs done by multiple devices. My favorite features from the changes implemented are Process control, process security, and enhanced availability of knowledge base information.

The continued support, knowledge of the products, and software are why I would recommend SFA to other shops.Total cost was also very affordable. We got to work with Shawn Dunne in person to install wireless networking and adapters. I originally heard about SFA from a colleague – I also ended up buying a half a dozen of your shirts and gave them out to people here! -James, Amarillo Gear Company

We have been a customer of yours for over 12 years now, and it’s been great with the support. The Wireless DNC has been fantastic for our production. We went from losing the wired system to [choosing] a wireless system, and it actually works very well. It’s been very easy and we keep continuing with a product that works great for us. Yes, we have definitely been recommending you to other shops. -George, Gyford Productions