What type of USB memory stick works with the floppy disk emulator?

What type of USB memory stick will work with the floppy disk emulator?

Any off-the-shelf USB memory flash drive will work, as long as it is 1GB or smaller, and formatted as “FAT” or “FAT16.” We recommend you pick a name brand and if needed, Shop Floor Automations can supply one at a low cost to guarantee reliability and compatibility.

More info on our floppy disk emulator: Shop Floor Automations has introduced its new FD Connect solution (the FD Connect is now known as the Floppy Emulator from the Floppy Connect line), which will eliminate floppy disk media and drives on the manufacturing floor.

Floppy disks are easily damaged in the shop environment due to dirt, oil and grime and are becoming impossible to replace. The FD Connect solution eliminates the need for floppy disks making it an ideal program and data storage solution for industrial equipment and machine tools.

The device is a simple plug-in thumb drive that allows easy transfer of files to the Floppy Connect. Users simply remove the existing drive and the FD Connect plugs directly into the ribbon and power cables of the old drive. It is compatibility with 720K or 1.44MB systems.

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