What type of reporting does Scytec DataXchange Cloud Machine Monitoring offer?

What type of reporting does Scytec DataXchange Cloud Machine Monitoring offer?

There are several reporting options available in the product.

Real-time configurable dashboards, trend reporting and desktop and mobile charting are all available. The real-time viewer (RTV) is user/company based live display which includes timelines, current status, and grids.

The trend reports include cycle time, unknown downtime, planned, and unplanned downtime. Any computer or mobile device with access to the Internet can chart historical and current status information to allow for easy off-site reporting.

Cloud tech is more reliable than you previously thought.  A publication called Enterprise Tech states that Global IT spending should increase close to 3 percent in 2017 – the projected $3.46 Trillion spent this year on worldwide IT is in part due to the Cloud infrastructure being so significant, as time goes by. In keeping with this fact, Cloud-based machine monitoring has helped many of our customers. One such manufacturer has even been able to run their existing five-axis CNC machines for 24 hours at a time at increased productivity, rather than feeling the need to invest in more machines to achieve their production goals. That definitely speaks to the trust of this Cloud-based program!

“By 2020, a corporate ‘no-Cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today.” This is a bold claim from Gartner, a respected information technology research company. With the growing dependence on this technology, Cloud IIoT Security is becoming a major concern in the manufacturing industry.