What operating systems does Predator Software support?

What operating systems does Predator Software support?

Support for the following Microsoft Windows versions are included with Predator v9 and v10 applications:

Windows 10 (v11 and newer only)
· Windows 2012 Server
· Windows 8
· Windows 7
· Windows 2008 Server
· Windows Vista
· Windows 2003 Server
· Windows XP.

Support is included for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The latest Windows updates and service packs for each operating system should be installed on any and all computers you wish to run Predator Software.

Here are some reviews of Predator Software products from Shop Floor Automations customers:

Our programs were so large that we couldn’t download them onto our machines, so we started using a drip-feeding system from you guys. Then, we changed over from there to now doing a data server on our machines, but we’re still using your guys’ software (Predator DNC through SFA) to build all of our programs. I’ve dealt with Sam, Josh Reynolds, a little bit of Greg – the customer service has been spread all over the place. Based on the services I’ve received, I would recommend SFA to other shops. One of the guys I worked with told me word-of-mouth who had initially reached out to you guys, then I took over and started dealing with it. -Josh, HRE Wheels

My old CNC communication network had failed. I could not send files to my CNC sometimes for hours, then it would randomly work. Because of the intermittent failure, we kept trying for a long period of time to keep using our old system. After measuring the time loss for system failure, it was clear we needed to change it out. Now we can even send files via DNC which before did not work as it was supposed to have. An employee of mine referred SFA because they had solved problems at his former employer. It was an awesome experience working on the phone and in person to get my Predator router and software. Very satisfied. SFA is dedicated to ultimate solution and customer satisfaction. They are the ninjas of shop floor automation–Michael, MiniMachine