What is the Predator DNC Mazatrol object for?

What is the Predator DNC Mazatrol object for?

The Predator Mazatrol object is software that allows Predator DNC to transfer Mazatrol (CMT) programs. Typically a proprietary Mazak floppy drive is carried around the shop and is used for offline storage of Mazatrol programs. Predator DNC with the Mazatrol object allows CNCs to load and save Mazatrol programs as well as EIA programs on to any Windows PC.

Note: Support for each Predator DNC Version has different Windows OS requirements.  Please contact support team to find out what versions are supported under what Windows OS.

Some Mazak/Mazatrol specific items from Shop Floor Automations:

USB Connect Mazak – The Pendant mount USB Connect – Mazak model controller is for all CNC’s, including Mazatrol (CMT). Includes 1GB USB Flash Drive, panel mount  USB connector/water proof cap, display, USB cable, & power cable.  Powers by 7-28vDC from CNC.

LAN Connect Mazak – Send and save Mazatrol (CMT) programs off of Mazak Machines with the LAN Connect Mazak model. The LAN  Connect is designed to operate with standard software that comes with a PC (such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft). No additional licenses or additional interface software are required. The data server will look like an FTP hard drive on your network.