What is included in the free Predator CNC Editor Software?

What is included in the free CNC Editor Software from Predator?

The CNC Editor includes basic editing, printing, and saving for any size part program. Major features such as communication, file compare, backplotting and color highlighting are not included.

More about free CNC editor software from Predator through Shop Floor Automations:

A light mode allows us to use the CNC Editor at no charge and is a great tool to edit NC programs that are needed for CNC programmers and others on the shop floor.

Once you have installed the CNC Editor, you will see an icon on your desktop, shown here. The next step you will want to do is right click on the icon, and choose “run as administrator.”

This will allow us to put [in] the license, as required. When you select and launch the software, you will be prompted to the registration screen, shown here. Go ahead and type in your name, and your company information. Under the Serial Number, you will want to type in the word “light.” You can leave the access code blank and the license type should be set as “unknown.” Press “OK.”

At this point, the Predator CNC Editor will launch in the appropriate Light mode. From here, you have options to open a new file, save a file, and many different options.

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