What is a Y-Cable?

What is a Y-Cable?

A “Y-Cable” is designed to allow wireless or Ethernet communication to CNC machines, while still allowing access to the external serial port. We often recommend that companies implement these cables as a backup to their DNC system.

If the network goes down, programs can still be transferred into the CNCs manually, without having to open up the machine cabinets and disconnect the DNC system.

More about Cabling from Shop Floor Automations: From RS232 cables, RS232 Adapters, Honda Cables, RS232 Testers, & more, Shop Floor Automations has your custom cabling solutions! We can sell you 25 Foot to 100 Foot cables off the shelf, as well as make custom cables from 125 Feet up to 300 Feet in length.

High quality, application specific RS232 serial cable is an essential component in any reliable shop floor communications network. For those of you who may have had the misfortune of re-stringing thousands of feet of cable to combat noise and data transmission problems, SFA has you covered.

SFA did one better to co-develop the most reliable and powerful RS232 cable available (worldwide), they put together a system that provides customers with an entire cable solution. No longer will your maintenance department have to run around trying to find a replacement cable in an emergency. You won’t have to worry about properly terminating new cable ends to match your controllers RS232 pin outs.