What is a Scytec DataXchange Chart Type?

What is a Scytec DataXchange Chart Type?

The Chart Type screen provides the ability to select a specific chart for viewing.

All charts that are generated from the Chart Type page are static charts, they will not update automatically.  Associated information such as the time frame and the equipment must be selected before a chart can be generated.

What is real-time machine monitoring and why is it important? Every day, there are large amounts of data generated by the machines just waiting to be collected. Such as feed rates, spindle speeds, downtime, part counts, and more. Collecting and analyzing this data by hand can be tedious and does not provide immediate feedback.

Real-time machine monitoring allows management to instantly identify throughout issues, as they happen. You can receive notifications via email or text to keep the machine running! The advantage of software-based machine monitoring is it collects and organizes important business data digitally while providing real-time analysis and notifications.

How can I monitor my machine automatically? Today, many modern machines have the technology built into them to output the current machine status. Real-time machine monitoring systems can then read that output, save it in a database, then analyze, and report on it.

Every minute on the shop floor counts toward profitability and increased production. If you could eliminate downtime and provide operators, shop managers, and mid- management with real-time dashboards along with historical reports and charts, everyone becomes accountable. Shop Floor Automations provides Scytec machine monitoring and data collection systems to deliver measurable cycle times, spindle utilization and why CNC machines are idle.