What do the Green LED & Red LED lights on the Floppy Drive Emulator mean?

What do the Green LED & Red LED lights on the Floppy Drive Emulator mean?

The green LED indicates a Floppy read or write operation has been done. No green light at all, or a solid green light, indicates a problem, so please contact SFA Support if you are seeing this on your floppy drive emulator.

The red LED indicates that the USB stick is inserted into the FD Connect. The red LED should flicker when the USB stick is inserted. If you don’t have a red light or if the red LED stays solid there is a problem, this is another time in which you should contact SFA Support.

More about our floppy drive emulators:

The drive emulates your existing floppy drive to act as if the floppy drive was never removed.

The Floppy Drive Emulator comes with a 1GB USB Flash Drive with the manual on it, for your convenience. Connects to Standard 4 pin Power Connector & 34 pin Ribbon connectors on standard floppy drives.

The product has plug-and-play abilities with Haas machines, but otherwise, here is a sample list of machines we have tested our Floppy Emulator on:

  • Mitsubishi FX w/CITIZEN OSD
  • Mitsubishi FA w/TEAC FD 235 HG
  • Charmilles (TEAC FD 235-HF)
  • Charmilles Robofil
  • Agie (SONY 520-MPF)
  • Mazak (Fusion 640, 640T, Nexus)
  • Mitsubishi Meldas 500 series
  • Hurco w/Teac FD 235HF drive
  • FANUC Cassette (Yellow) on a 18i-W (w/YE Data 702B-6036BC)
  • Sodick w/Alps floppy drive
  • Nisshinbo Map 1000
  • Prototrak
  • Giddings & Lewis (G & L) 8000 ( 486 processor)
  • Plus more!