What do I need to use DataXchange on my FANUC CNC Machine?

What do I need to use DataXchange on FANUC CNC Machines?

You will need:

  1. Focas option on FANUC CNC (Active)
  2. Embedded network port on FANUC CNC (Active)
  3. Network cable ran from your network to FANUC CNC machine
  4. Static IP address for FANUC CNC
  5. A valid subscription to a version of DataXchange
  6. PC that has Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (This PC must be running at all times)

FANUC FOCAS is a set of library files (.dll), that can be accessed by applications to retrieve most of the information inside of the CNC. The FANUC FOCAS function is normally accessed by using Ethernet or HSSB.

Common data that is available through the FOCAS are CNC state (running, idle, alarm), part count information, program name, number, size, and date modified, tool and work offsets, alarm number and text, feed overrides, parameters, positional data, spindle speed and Modal data.

Below is a common list of controllers that would feature FOCAS. Older controls can have the embedded board retrofitted or added to the machine using the Data Server Board by contracting FANUC directly.