What are the differences between Predator Machine Monitoring versions?

What are the differences between Predator Machine Monitoring versions?

Predator Machine Monitoring is available in an Express, Standard, and Enterprise version.

Each version is upgraded to the next level and includes functionality to collect data. Predator MDC Express is a paper-based solution to allow users to collect data manually and report and chart data on events that happen previously.

Predator MDC Standard version is real-time data collection of utilization of the machines and collects cycle time, idle time, alarm and downtime. Predator MDC Enterprise version is for companies who want to collect OEE, track parts, users, and other metrics and interface the data with other business systems.

Every minute on the shop floor counts toward profitability and increased production. If you could eliminate downtime and provide operators, shop managers, and mid- management with real-time dashboards along with historical reports and charts, everyone becomes accountable. Shop Floor Automations provides Predator or Scytec machine monitoring and data collection systems to deliver measurable cycle times, spindle utilization and why CNC machines are idle.

We offer cloud-based CNC monitoring systems starting at $45 per month as well as on-premise solutions that run on SQL or Oracle and can be deployed in weeks. We can also make magic with solutions like MT Connect and a simple MDC adapter. If you want to replace a paper system or whiteboards, or are just looking to learn more about how we can help you, contact us!