What are the command line options for installing Predator Software?

What are the command line options for installing Predator Software?

Every Predator installation is built using Microsoft Windows Installer technology. There is extensive documentation available on Microsoft’s website.

The following primary command line options are available:
/i    Installs or configures a product
/f    Repairs a product, has 10 options
/a    Administrative install on the network
/x    Uninstalls a product
/j    Advertises a product
/l    Specifies the log file path
/p    Applies a patch
/q    Sets the user interface level
/y    Calls API register server to install
/z    Calls API register server to uninstall

A sample command line option for repairing a CNC Editor installation is as follows:

msiexec /i “predator CNC editor v6.0.msi” /fv

For a complete list of command line arguments for Windows installer, go to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/314881 on Microsoft’s website.

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