What are some Scytec DataXchange Options?

What are some Scytec DataXchange Options?

The Options displayed will vary, depending on the currently selected Chart Type.  Options are used to select information such as filter by specific status.

Speaking on DataXchange features, let’s talk about a feature called Modified Time Stamp that is in the DataXchange Data Entry Screen. You can give this permission to your users, or not – it’s completely up to you, but what it does is exactly what it says. It allows them to modify the time stamp of events.

So let’s look at this EDM, for example. Currently, it is in a downtime called “unknown downtime.” It has been in that downtime for about a minute. So, if I am the operator of this machine, and I had walked away, came back to the machine, and realized “oh, it stopped running,” and the reason it stopped running was [that]I am having a tooling issue.

Well, do you want all of this time that’s already been collected to count towards that tooling? If you do, you let them say “modified time stamp,” it automatically jumps back to the exact date and time that the last event stopped. They can’t go back further in time. Just to when the last event stopped.

They hit “set” – “start new status” – it updates the status and you will see here, the duration still says 1 minute, 40 seconds. So, it backdated all that time. This is a great feature to be more accurate with your downtimes on the shop floor.

Check out our videos on the modified time stamp feature, as well as the DataXchange data entry screen.