Unable to uninstall Predator Software products?

I’m unable to uninstall Predator Software products? I get error message Article 2000002

If you can’t uninstall a Predator application, do the following steps:

  • Log into Windows as an Administrator
  • Select Control Panel from the Start Menu
  • Select Add/Remove programs
  • Select the appropriate Predator application
  • Click the Remove button

If there is a reason you are looking to uninstall Predator Software, we encourage you to contact us here at Shop Floor Automations.

We are focused on the sales, service, and support of the Predator Software MES Suite. The Suite consists of Predator DNC (shop floor networking and communications), Predator MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection and machine monitoring), Predator DNC Enterprise (shop floor control), Predator Product Data Management (CNC and data management), Predator Travelers (electronic work instructions), Predator Tracker (tool crib and gage crib organization and tracking), Predator Virtual CNC (NC verification and simulation), and Predator CNC Editor (NC editing).

The Predator MES Suite provides manufacturers and machine shops with answers to real-world shop floor automation problems. SFA combines an experienced and dedicated staff with internal systems for development, testing, and support of all Predator Software applications. We are committed to investing in the resources it takes to remain the recognized industry leader in shop floor automation technologies.