Is Mazak Data Collection supported in Scytec Cloud Machine Monitoring Software?

Is Mazak Data Collection supported in Scytec Machine Monitoring Cloud Software? Yes!

Almost all models of Mazak controllers can be monitoring with MT Connect.  Mazak has embraced the MT Connect standard to allow for software updates to older controls back to T2, M/T32, Plus, Fusion, etc.  For more information, send us an email for a complete listing and how to update your controller.

More info on Scytec Machine Monitoring:

OEE and IIoT reports and charts from Scytec DataXchange help improve machine utilization and minimize downtime.  “Collecting data from the machines is one thing, but utilizing the data for actionable results is critical in order to convert manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence,” Scytec proclaims to customers.

Timelines, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, trends, downtime Pareto, scrap Pareto, histograms, plots, comparisons, and more can be charted. These charts can be displayed in the real-time dashboard of the program, which includes being able to save group or personalized chart templates and ability to export this data to CSV or Excel.

Enjoy a real-time manufacturing dashboard, machine downtime tracking, shop floor data entry, tracking overrides, mobile equipment status, reports, charts, overall equipment effectiveness, and data collection.

Scytec DataXchange has the ability to track multiple types of cycle time. For example, the cycle time can be tracked from a hardware adapter and through MTConnect or FANUC FOCAS. Reporting on metrics such as utilization and efficiency can then be run on both sets of cycle time and the two can be compared. Another example is to collect spindle time along with load to unload time.