Is machine monitoring for Okuma Thinc controllers available?

Is there machine monitoring for Okuma Thinc controllers available? Yes.

Predator Machine Monitoring (MDC) includes a product called Predator CNC Service, which can be installed on the controller without any modifications to the controller.  This product will run as a Windows Service in the background and communicate directly to the Predator MDC data collection software over Ethernet.

Big data can be extracted from the controller with little effort to capture cycle status, idle time, alarm, emergency stop, feed hold, and part counts.  This results in real-time events as well as historical data on machine productivity and downtime.

More on Predator MDC:

Predator MDC creates a continuously up to date knowledge base of your manufacturing performance. It quantifies how well your machines, people, and parts are produced. Predator MDC can establish and compare continuous improvement results for lean manufacturing efforts. Predator MDC organizes your real-time data into actionable metrics for availability, quality, and performance. Metrics for specific machines or rolled up metrics for an entire department across multiple plants are available with a few mouse clicks.

Predator MDC supports automatic, error-free, and unattended machine monitoring for events such as job start and end, setup start and end, cycle start and end, to name a few of the events that can be monitored. This type of data is collected automatically using software, hardware, custom macros and other methods without requiring operator training or input.

Predator MDC also supports manual monitoring of events that are initiated by machine operators such as machine login/offs, downtimes, and scrap reasons. Predator MDC can be used to manually collect data using several methods including Remote Request, swiping barcodes, touchscreen PCs or standard PCs.

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