Is a Grizzly cable just a simple Ethernet (CAT-5) cable?

Is a Grizzly cable just a simple Ethernet (CAT-5) cable?

No, a Grizzly cable is far different than commercial Ethernet cabling.

A CAT-5 cable is typically un-shielded, provides a balanced signal, and uses different wiring intended for a computer, as opposed to a CNC control.

The Grizzly Cable is shielded, with an ultra-low capacitance, uses unbalanced signals, and is wired for RS232 signals to be sent to and from CNC machines.

CAT-5 cables are unreliable, able to pick up RF noise very easily and have limitations regarding baud rate when running beyond RS232 specifications.

More about the complexity of serial cables for the manufacturing shop floor:

For those who prefer the traditional method of transmitting data via cables in their shop floors versus going wireless, there are many choices out there. Trying to save money by using commercial Ethernet cabling, or even worse, trying to use telephone cables, can result in massive issues on the shop floor. Sure, you save money short term, but the cons outweigh the pros.

This is a slowly changing industry and yesterday’s solutions may not work anymore, so that is why you have come to us. We are here to help your production thrive and to also only sell you services that you need. If a shorter cable costs less but is the best option for you, that is what we would recommend. Nothing more and nothing less.