How to Update the Predator Configuration File (.pxp)?

How to Update the Predator Configuration File (.pxp)?

When upgrading Predator DNC or DNC Enterprise PXP, follow the steps below:

  1. Exit Predator DNC or DNC Enterprise
  2. Rename the existing PXP with a unique name “(company Name) YYYY MM-DD.pxp”
  3. Copy the new PXP into the exact same location where the backup was made
  4. Launch the Predator DNC or Desktop and confirm the new PXP is running.

It’s a scary sensation not knowing why you have downtime. Imagine Emails and text messages sent to you whenever there are production issues on your shop floor! Keep track of uptime and downtime via OEE data reported to you via dashboards, charts, and more. Know your cycle time, idle time, setup, teardown, and scrap reasons.

Software such as Scytec DataXchange, Predator MDC and TouchHMI will aid you in this process. There are also many hardware implements you can use on your shop floor to help in the machine monitoring process.

You may have also heard of MTConnect. This open, royalty free factory floor communication standard is universal and specifically for the shop floor environment.