How to connect CNC Machines to laptop on Windows 7 or 8

How to connect CNC Machines to a laptop on Windows 7 or 8:

Because modern Laptops and PCs don’t come with Rs232 serial ports any longer, you will need to get a USB to RS232 “Industrial grade” adapter and the proper serial cable to connect from the USB to RS232 adapter to your CNC Machine.

More about this solution:

You may have tried the low-end USB to Serial Converter for your CNC and wonder why things don’t work.  Well, we are here to share the right solution to connect your CNC controls with your computer using USB.  We were there 5 years ago and finally found the one that works, every time, with 100% reliability.

This product is compatible with new and legacy RS232 devices and can be used with mobile, instrumentation, and point-of-sale applications as well. Our USB-to-Serial converter is the perfect accessory for laptop computers that don’t have a serial port. Support Windows 7 and 8, 32/64 bit operating systems. DB9 male connector for RS232.

  • Reliable USB to Serial converter
  • Compatible with Windows, plus new & legacy RS232 devices
  • Use with mobile, instrumentation, & point-of-sale applications
  • Great for laptop computers without a serial port
  • CNC Control Compatible

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