How does Scytec DataXchange work?

How does Scytec DataXchange work?

Scytec DataXchange uses a single PC located in your facility which is connected to the equipment.

There are no servers to maintain or purchase but Microsoft SQL licensing is required. Each user has an individual login, which can be configured to their language of choice. Each login has a set of permissions which define the areas of the cloud machine monitoring software that can be accessed.

Data is automatically collected from equipment to indicate a running or an idle status and includes various downtime codes as well. Data can be access from anywhere with an internet connection, including phones and tablets.

Other than downtime, here is more data that DataXchange can help operators with: A feature that will be useful to machinists called secondary status notes. As an example of what it can do, let’s say the machine is running and cutting parts, so the status is “In Cycle,” but the operator wants to notify someone that they are running low on material. They can put it in a “need material” secondary status note.

Since the need for material is not actually affecting the current cycling of the machine, it’s a secondary need.  So that machinist can push a button and put it in this secondary status. This will display as a different color to make it stand out to anyone looking up at the universal status screen.

The need for material is not downtime for the machine, but a request or notification of something else that needs attention that can also slow down production if it is not addressed can be very important on the shop floor, as well. This status can also appear as an email alert, as well as the status screen previously mentioned.

This secondary status notes field is also important because it is a tool for machinists to be heard – it gives the operator an ability in the data entry screen to enter downtime reasons and explanations. It allows operators to give feedback to other users to understand production issues with a given machine, which can help with higher ups who don’t work directly with the machines.