How do you license Scytec DataXchange?

How do you license Scytec DataXchange?

There are no hardware keys or SIMs, which means there is nothing to be lost or replaced should someone walk off with the license.

All licenses are based on the number of pieces equipment configured in the product. There is no cost associated with the number of users, seats, reports, charts or dashboards.

Different levels of the product can be mixed and matched. The licenses can be moved to any other equipment licensing at any time. You can even move the license to another plant, location, or department.


Flexible licensing options for both Cloud and On-Premise Deployments. Call us for more details at (877) 611-5825!

No Licensing Keys

Licensing keys are a hassle, restrictive, and a provide a risk of being lost or stolen.  Therefore Scytec DataXchange does not use them.  Licensing is controlled all through software simplifying support and allowing for easy upgrades, modifications, and transfers.

License Mobility

The licenses assigned to equipment can be transferred between equipment through software providing simplification and flexibility as the tracking requirement change.  Licenses can even be freely moved between plants.

Licensing Levels

Scytec DataXchange currently has four levels providing options and flexibility.  The different levels can be combined allowing for some equipment to utilize only basic functionality while other equipment utilizes advanced functionality.

Collecting data is one thing, making it useful is another. There is clearly value to having historical data, but having the data in a meaningful format as the activities are happening greatly increases the value of any data collection system.  Scytec DataXchange provides a user-configurable real-time viewer providing feedback as the data is collected in a user-configurable interface.

Visual information helps articulate more clearly, and the Scytec DataXchange Real-Time Viewer delivers visual data to stakeholders throughout the organization. User interfaces are uniquely configured to suit the needs of specific users or functional areas. Visually manufacturing data becomes accessible to more people, to make faster decisions and accelerate their respective workflows, leading to faster, better understanding and communication of information.

The visual dashboards can be configured by each user for their use, or for use by functional areas, such as machining cells. Personal dashboards allow users to customize part of the interface to suit their individual needs. Multiple personal dashboards can be created providing quick access to a variety of different information.

The real-time data is available from anywhere with internet access. View the real-time viewer from home, or on the road using a Windows PC, Android or iOS.

The Scytec DataXchange Real-Time Viewer has customizable rotation functionality allowing the configuration of rotating through multiple screens automatically.

TV monitors set up on the shop floor by each cell with the real-time viewer configured to show the appropriate equipment for each cell. The mini PCs are configured to log in automatically and then Scytec DataXchange will login automatically, open the Real-Time Viewer, and launch the appropriate screen for display in the cell.