How do you license Predator Software Applications?

How do I license Predator Software Applications?

Predator uses the Sentinel Hasp Key (ex: SIMs & Dongles). They are typically plugged into the USB port on the workstation or server to license the product. If you are in a virtual operating system, we have hardware that will allow this USB key to be seen. Contact our sales team for more info on how to license Predator Software applications.

Predator Software can also help with data-driven decision making in manufacturing. More about the concept:

Manufacturing is all about numbers and measurements. Without both of those factors, a manufactured piece would not come out correctly and quotas would not be met. Numbers and measurements are also at the heart of Data Driven Decision Making, and it is a method more American manufacturers can, and should, easily embrace.

Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) is simply the process of making operational decisions based on information that can be backed up via tangible data. Many of the big companies live the DDDM philosophy, and when you use data to make decisions about HR, logistics, marketing, and territories to expand into – why not use it for the manufacturing process?

“Big data, small data, internal, external, experimental, observational — everywhere we look, information is being captured, quantified, and used to make business decisions,” says Walter Frick of the Harvard Business Review

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