How do I install the codes and SIM that I received from Predator?

How do I do a permanent code install for the codes and SIM that I received from Predator?

Predator Permanent Code Installation

  • Login to Windows with Admin Rights
  • Install the latest version of”Sentinel Protection Installer”
  • When install is complete, attach the SIM to the parallel port or a USB port on the PC
  • Launch Predator DNC Administrator (Start > Programs > Predator DNC xx (Version) -> Predator DNC xx (Version) Administrator)
  • If a pxp file loads, go to “Command > Cancel All”, and press “Yes”
  • Go to “Options > Upgrade”
  • Type in the information from the software envelope and Press OK
  • The software should now be validated and ready to use.


  • If you get a “SIM Wrapper 5 (0)” error, then double check the SIM to make sure it is attached, and try again.
  • If the problem persists, reinstall the Sentinel drivers from step 4.
  • If the problem persists after driver installation, download and run SIM Tester
  • Install and launch the sentdoc.exe file
  • Leave “SuperPro” checked, uncheck “Pro”, “CPlus”, “Scribe”
  • Press “Find Keys”
  • A dialog box will state “No keys found” or “[N] Sentinal SuperPro(s) detected” (where N is the number of keys found)
  • If you get a “Sim Wrapper 5 (####)” error, where #### is a 4 digit number, then re-enter the codes, and try again. It was most likely a typo in the codes.

If problems persist, please call Shop Floor Automations at (619) 461-4000 for technical support.

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