How do I display real-time machine monitoring on the shop floor?

How do I display real-time machine monitoring on the shop floor?

Dedicate one or more large-screen monitors on the shop floor for real-time digital signage using Predator MDC.

Create slides of charts, dashboards, and reports with specific filters and details. Eliminate manual posting of paper reports and charts on the shop floor. Provide a focal point for standup shop meetings while enforcing productivity and manufacturing metrics that management, engineering, and quality departments care about. Eliminate the clutter of paper and go high tech!

Predator MDC supports automatic, error-free, and unattended machine monitoring for events such as job start and end, setup start and end, cycle start and end, to name a few of the events that can be monitored. This type of data is collected automatically using software, hardware, custom macros and other methods without requiring operator training or input.

Predator MDC also supports manual monitoring of events that are initiated by machine operators such as machine login/offs, downtimes, and scrap reasons. Predator MDC can be used to manually collect data using several methods including Remote Request, swiping bar codes, touchscreen PCs or standard PCs.

You can also enjoy real-time machine monitoring from DataXchange!

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