Does the Predator CNC Editor support Xmodem or Mazatrol protocol?

Does the Predator CNC Editor support Xmodem or Mazatrol protocol?

No, the current protocols supported are XOn/XOff along with RTS-CTS. The Predator DNC module would be required to transfer via Xmodem or Mazatrol.

Here are Mazatrol protocol specific products we have at Shop Floor Automations:

The LAN Connect Mazak is good for USB to CNC functions for those types of machines. Send and save Mazatrol (CMT) programs off of Mazak Machines with the LAN Connect Mazak model. The LAN  Connect is designed to operate with standard software that comes with a PC (such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft). No additional licenses or additional interface software are required. The data server will look like an FTP hard drive on your network.

Programmers: simply drag and drop a file from your PC to the data server. Once loaded on the server, the operator can load the file into CNC memory or drip-feed a program directly from the data server without using network resources. Ask us how the data server can easily be made wireless by adding low-cost, off-the-shelf wireless bridges.

The USB Connect Mazak is a Mazak model controller is for all CNC’s, including Mazatrol (CMT). Includes 1GB USB Flash Drive, panel mount  USB connector/waterproof cap, display, USB cable, & power cable.  Powers by 7-28vDC from CNC.