DataXchange on Mobile? Industrial IoT

Does DataXchange support mobile devices? I want to take further advantage of the Industrial IoT.

Yes, this machine monitoring software is available for Apple iOs and on Google Android devices.

Having on the go access to your machine OEE data has many benefits. In this blog, we assert that there is less worry of machines going down, this can create a better work/life balance for those who work on the shop floor, and in the front office. Machine monitoring, which is a powerful IIoT (industrial internet of things) tool, is an amazing way to get notifications of what is going on with machines not only on the shop floor, but via email or text notifications.

When this proven solution to deal with downtime is combined with more accountability through the means of…other resources on the shop floor, there is more trust in the workplace. More people can use their PTO to go on vacation, or workers who are home sick can help give guidance when a machine goes down via a notes section through machine monitoring.

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