Can I use the Predator CNC Editor on a different PC not tied to the DNC Networking System?

Can I use the Predator CNC Editor on a different PC not tied to the DNC Networking System?

The Predator CNC Editor bundled with the DNC Networking Software is controlled by the license of the Predator DNC Software. The SIM and the serial number from the DNC will enable the full version of the CNC Editor. Currently, there is no option to split the seat from the DNC Networking license. However, you may install the Predator CNC Editor on as many PCs as you wish and use the “light” version of the product for general editing purposes. A stand-alone full version is available if needed. Contact our sales department.

More about DNC Software: Manage CNC programs, machine parameters, & offsets. Enjoy CNC communication options from your PCs for drip-feeding, downloading, & bi-directional communication. Upload via parallel, RS232, RS422 Ethernet, & wireless Ethernet for thousands of CNC machines. Use familiar features for drag & drop, cut, copy, paste, shortcut menus, object-based menus, toolbars, tooltips, & available online help. Improve CNC revision control while using existing ERP & MES bar-coded paperwork. SFA offers DNC Software for CNC Communications via Predator DNC, Ascendant’s ExtremeDNC Software, and additional solutions Predator Touch HMI and Predator EditLock.

“We were looking for a system that would communicate through a wireless network, so we could get rid of the switchbox and old wires running all over the machine shop. Predator DNC Software helped us eliminate our old switchbox…The customer support was great. They were very supportive and fixed errors quick when we had a couple of problems.” -Rajikumar, Nell Joy Industries

I sought out SFA mainly for Predator DNC for our CNC machines. We have experienced faster, easier file transport. Would I recommend you to another shop? Absolutely. I heard initially about SFA I guess you could say through word of mouth – a Congressionally-funded project through TechSolve in Ohio. -Daniel, Benét Laboratories for the US ARMY

We were trying to control over 8000 programs, revision levels, and updates – the Predator system was recommended to help minimize the man hours and mistakes of doing this manually. We installed Predator DNC and CNC Editor, and have had no downtime with full control. CMW currently manages approximately 8000 part programs. The system seems to be indestructible – we have had no problems. -Wayne, Carroll Machine