Can I upgrade and add more ports to my Predator DNC system?

Can I upgrade and add more ports to my Predator DNC system?

Yes, numerous software upgrades are available from any level of Predator  DNC.
Hardware upgrades depend on each type of hardware. The entire Flex series of hardware is designed to add ports at any time and offers a very easy upgrade paths, standard COM ports, and our DNC bundles may be upgraded, but there can be issues.
Info about Predator DNC from some of our customers who have used it:

We were looking for a system that would communicate through a wireless network, so we could get rid of the switchbox and old wires running all over the machine shop. Predator DNC Software helped us eliminate our old switchbox…The customer support was great. They were very supportive and fixed errors quick when we had a couple of problems. -Rajikumar, Nell Joy Industries

The Predator DNC Software is working great! I really would like to thank SFA, and especially Amy, for the great phone support. She answered all my questions and was extremely polite, as were the guys in the tech department. Once again, thanks, and if we need anything else, we know who we will be calling! – Ted, Bicknell Racing

We had programs pretty much stored everywhere…So what we needed to do was lock down the programs …Now, we are grabbing programs from the right directories, we are able to send to the machines, and when we are done with them, we can either delete them at the machines, or we can send them back to programming to make corrections. I would recommend you to other shops! -Lee, Buck Knives

You guys helped us get our machines up and ready to go. No downloading or processing issues. You hooked up our Predator scanning system and allowed us to download files that were actually in quarantine that were not able to be downloaded again.  -Josh, Pexco Aerospace