Can I replace my existing floppy disk drive with a USB stick?

Can I replace my existing floppy disk drive with a USB stick?

Yes, the floppy drive emulator is designed to replace existing floppy disk drive with a USB stick.

The emulator was made to replace almost all floppy drives on the market and eliminate the need to purchase floppy disks ever again.

More about the floppy drive emulator:

More about Shop Floor Automations’ Floppy Connect solutions: a CNC control that still uses a floppy drive can easily switch to using a USB drive. The Floppy Connect line is off-the-shelf compatible with Haas, but it is also compatible with other machines, with the help of our technicians. If you want to learn more, we have a press release about this product and you can get in contact with Shop Floor Automations on social media. We are very active on Facebook and Twitter especially.

Our Floppy Drive Emulator, available in two models, acts as a Floppy USB Emulator, is easy to install, requires no system configuration or debugging, & replaces the need for floppy disks, which are very difficult to obtain. The drive emulates your existing floppy drive & acts as if the floppy drive was never removed. Works with almost any existing 720k/1.44MB capacity DOS format floppy drive. 28 or 32 pin ribbon cables systems are supported & will connect to your existing power cable.

Works in PCs & in CNC machinery such as Haas, Mazak, Fadal, Mitsubishi, Omniturn, Centroid, Robots, Flame Cutters, & Greco boxes, with new models being added to our compatibility list monthly!