Can I monitor machine overrides?

Can I monitor machine overrides?

Yes, you can monitor machine overrides with most FANUC FOCAS based controls or MTConnect enabled controls, you can easily monitor when your operators are turning the feed rates down.

More info on MTConnect & FANUC FOCAS:

What is MTConnect? We have a few resources to get you acquainted with the open, royalty-free, universal manufacturing communication standard designed specifically for shop floors.

MTConnect is a great resource on a manufacturing shop floor and machine shops. The reach that the protocol has grown each day and it’s full of surprises. For example, many people assume MTConnect will only work on CNC machines, but did you know it can also work wonders for mold making technology?

What is FANUC FOCAS? It is a set of library files (.dll), that can be accessed by applications to retrieve most of the information inside of the CNC. The FANUC FOCAS function is normally accessed by using Ethernet or HSSB.

Common data that is available through the FOCAS are CNC state (running, idle, alarm), part count information, program name, number, size, and date modified, tool and work offsets, alarm number and text, feed overrides, parameters, positional data, spindle speed, and G-code Modal data.

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