Can I mix and match DataXchange versions?

Can I mix and match DataXchange versions?

Yes, you can mix and match versions under one account.

More info on DataXchange, from our customers who swear by it:

I am very happy with the software and it is having a positive impact on our productivity. Shop Floor Automations had been somebody that we worked with really before we acquired it 13 years ago. We had Predator and some of the software you supplied. Recently, we added the Scytec DataXchange stuff a few years ago, and you guys are just good problem solvers for us!

There was minimal start-up cost and it requires little software management on the user end. Significant increases in machine utilization, better information flow between engineering guys and programming guys, quality guys, shop floor guys, and us as owners! Knowing what’s happening on the shop floor. I would recommend you, and I have – we’re big proponents of the software and you have been a really good resource for us.

We’re happy to use cloud-based solutions like Scytec DataXchange! -Jerry, Tech Manufacturing LLC

We were looking for some machine monitoring software to be able to see the effectiveness of our machines, so we went with Scytec DataXchange to monitor our machines. Amy has connected me with DataXchange and has been really helpful. Been dealing with Shop Floor Automations for a few years with different companies I’ve been at. I originally heard of SFA from word-of-mouth. -Tom, AMT Senior Aerospace

We’re using Scytec DataXchange and we have been able to increase our productivity by 25 percent just monitoring the machine utilization. SFA did it all remotely and it worked great. The software is very easy to use. -Derek, Aero Precision

About Machine Monitoring: Have the ability to see what your machines are doing in real-time. Collect & process data from your machines using software like MTConnect, FANUC FOCAS, custom macros, or hardware devices.

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