Can I make my own Grizzly Cable?

Can you make your own Grizzly Cable? Sure, but it may not be worth the effort in research, soldering, testing, and cost of parts.

Normal serial cable is sensitive to interference and signal loss. We carefully engineered, manufactured and tested Grizzly cable to fit the needs of a shop floor environment.
Furthermore, your time is valuable and you have better things to do! Why not consult with experts?

Why it is worth your time to hire a professional technician:

With the popularity of YouTube, Reddit, WebMD, and similar sites, we are definitely a culture obsessed with DIY (AKA “do it yourself”). While this is great for cooking or hobbies, it is not necessarily the answer for everything pertaining to a job focused on manufacturing production. Here are the top 3 reasons you should hire a professional technician when implementing manufacturing hardware and software solutions versus going it alone:

Reason 1: Don’t assume the price tag to consult with a professional is going to be outlandish.

Reason 2: Hardware needs to be handled and wired a certain way.

Reason 3: Free up more time to get back to work, rather than struggling with something that is potentially foreign to you.

For example – manufacturing shop floor cabling (as you can read in this previous piece) are durable yet complex. It is best to let a technician install it for you, or tell you how to install and wire it over the phone, so you can ensure data will transfer correctly, you don’t potentially void a warranty, and that you also protect your investment.