Shop Floor Automations at IMTS 2010

IMTS 2010

Shop Floor Automations (SFA), one of the largest independent CNC Automation Suppliers for the CNC Machine Tool Industry today, announced the company will presenting several new products at the IMTS 2010 trade show held in Chicago, IL.

Presenting in the booth #E-9040, SFA will be introducing and demonstrating two new hardware products. The USB Connect device acts as an interface between commercially available USB flash memory and any CNC control with an available RS232 port. Currently, there are two models available, a portable unit that can be shared between CNC machines and a pendant model mounted directly to the control.

The USB Connect device can provide an unlimited amount of storage capacity and USB functionality to the control. The second hardware device is the USB to Floppy Drive Emulator providing users with a USB interface to replace disks. The unit works with 720K or 1.44MB media found on most controls.

Several new software products will be running in the booth which includes the Real-Time Scheduler and Production Data Management solutions. The scheduling software allows users to graphically plan jobs based on the actual capacity of the machine load, work shift patterns, and work flow throughout the shop floor. What-if scenarios can be tested against the overall production of the factory and delivery dates to see the effects of orders accepted. The SFA Scheduler can be integrated with an existing ERP/MRP system or used standalone.

The Production Data Management (PDM) software developed by Predator Software will demonstrate the advantages of going paperless. The PDM software has a vaulting system to control which files are available to the operator including NC programs, drawings, setup sheets, tooling, and work instructions. Predator PDM includes best practice workflow wizards for release, un-release, revise, rollback, check-in and check-out controlled by the PDM Administrators.