Implement USB to CNC in San Diego CA!

Are you looking to eliminate old technology on your CNC machines by installing USB to CNC? With USB Connect you can increase program storage, streamline loading, and even drip feed to CNCs. For installing USB Connect for USB to CNC in San Diego CA, Shop Floor Automations is the company that you can trust.

Specs for USB to CNC in San Diego CA

For those looking for USB to CNC in San Diego CA, our USB Connect Pendant Model features the following specs:


  • Protocols: Xon/Xoff, software handshaking, RTS/CTS hardware handshaking & X-modem
  • Supports drip-feed for the above Protocols (if the CNC has that function active)
  • Baud Rates: 1200 – 115,200 supported
  • Configurable Data/Parity/Stop Bits
  • Includes 4 Line Display.
  • Includes Thumb Drive (can use any brand/size)
  • No special software required
  • Connects to the RS232 serial port on your CNC machine
  • Configurable Line Delay & EOB CR/LF
  • Mid-tape restart
  • DNC transfer box standalone solution
  • 1 Year Warranty with free phone Support for device
  • Quick Setup Guide & Complete Operation Manual
  • Optional FANUC Power cable can be used for FANUC controls and AC Power Supply can be purchased for the unit.
  • Also supports Fadal X-modem/Fadal file transfers and Haas X-modem

If you are interested in learning more about USB to CNC in San Diego, contact us today!

Shop Floor Automations Can Help With USB to CNC in San Diego CA

Shop Floor Automations has helped automate thousands of machines for clients in California and San Diego. If you are looking to implement USB Connect for USB to CNC in San Diego CA, we can help! Whether you’re utilizing Floppy Drive Emulator or the ever-popular USB Connect Pendant Model, Shop Floor Automations can get the job done.


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