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Machine monitoring allows you to review how your equipment is operating in real-time. This type of management software is able to collect data from your shop floor equipment utilizing software and then delivers that information in an informative dashboard. When you implement machine monitoring at your CNC automation, mold making shop floor or fab shop, you can view your machine activity in real-time and glean useful insights. Shop Floor Automations can help you implement machine monitoring in your Irvine CA shop!

Assistance Implements All Types of Machine Monitoring

When you implement machine monitoring in Irvine CA, there are countless benefits, including the ability to complete OEE calculations, shift to lean production and to track machine downtime. At Shop Floor Automations, we have the experience, software, and hardware necessary to assist with machine monitoring in Irvine CA. We can implement the following machine monitoring solutions:

  • Predator PDM if you want to take your operations paperless
  • MTConnect Protocol to collect data from different adapters
  • Floppy Connect to get rid of antiquated floppy disks and other outdated shop floor media


Shop Floor Automations was founded in 1998, which means we’ve been around long enough to know the ins and outs of machine monitoring in Irvine CA. From installing MTConnect Protocol on your equipment to make it compatible to implementing Scytec DataXchange to properly track and monitor your equipment, we can do it all. Shop Floor Automations can even help you get rid of antiquated floppy disks and take your operation paperless with Floppy Connect and Predator PDM.

Expertise You Can Trust with 24/7 Support Available

We have been in the business for over 20 years, so when it comes to machine monitoring in Irvine CA, there’s no better option than Shop Floor Automations. Not only do we have the various software and hardware you need to effectively monitor your shop floor equipment, but we also have the support you need to keep things running smoothly. We offer our customers who are on a contract, expert and reliable 24/7 support with their machine monitoring in Irvine CA.

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