November 2016 SFA Newsletter

shop floor automations newsletterThis is an archive of our November 2016 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

We at Shop Floor Automations (SFA) are excited to be at FABTECH in
Las Vegas once again from November 16th – 18th.

We will be at Booth C13109 to show everyone our hardware and software
solutions to increase productivity on your shop floor. There is still
time to get free admission to FABTECH, courtesy of SFA.

The Wi-Fi USB Connect is HERE!

SFA is pleased to announce that our Wi-Fi USB Connect product is now
available for purchase.

The Wi-Fi USB Connect allows for a quick, affordable upgrade to your
shop floor. Machinists can see files on their machine without walking
to go find a programmer, which can kill productivity. Plus, you won’t
have to worry about cabling costs – this product will get your CNC
machines with a USB port and Floppy Drive Emulators to share data
wirelessly to workstation PCs!

Meet SFA’s Shop Floor Man

Our newest creation is only a few months old, but he’s making a lot
of noise. While that is not unusual for a baby, this new being is
actually Shop Floor Man, a comic book character who is already making
his mark in the manufacturing industry.

“SFA is doing its job to attract a younger manufacturing audience,”
declares MoldMaking Technology, while Production Machining says
“Finally, there is a cartoon character metalworkers can embrace.”
“TechSpex states that Shop Floor Man is “an intriguing entrance into a
sphere not many other manufacturers have explored, to date.”

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