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Southwest Manufacturing News

Hello Houston TX! Here we come. Shop Floor Automations will be opening a Regional office in Houston in February of 2015 and are helping to get the word out in Manufacturing News.

Please check out our ad and see how we can help shop floors in Texas. Here is our other ad, as well

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? This now includes our stellar services. Here are a quick 5 reasons why you should go with SFA:

  1. We are focused on your success. We don’t just sell you a product and make you figure it out. We have remote and onsite support.
  2. We are continually modernizing and staying in touch with our industry. We post about industry changes and important updates via our blog, the newsletters we send to customers, and via our social media channels.
  3. We constantly attend leading industry events, especially like HOUSTEX, to get face-to-face with customers to show them our solutions, first-hand.
  4. We have created and continue to host informative webinars and training videos to show the game-changing benefits of our products, as well as having an extensive FAQ section.
  5. We are an American-based company that will go coast-to-coast to help customers.

Call us for more information on how to improve OEE and get into lean manufacturing on your shop floor! (877) 611-5825