IMTS 2002 Report

IMTS 2002 – A Preview Into 2003

Although attendance was down from previous years and several DNC vendors downsized, no-showed or partnered with others to stay alive, Predator became “visible” from above, keeping it’s level of success. This year, Predator’s 20×30 booth and hanging banner could be seen from the bridge as attendees enter the Lakeside Center Pavilion. Many customers were encouraged they could depend on a vendor to develop easy, yet powerful products like no other since 1994. Several new resellers and OEM partners stopped by the booth to see the latest technology from the leading developer in the market.

If IMTS is a preview into 2003, then things are looking positive. Attendees of the show were serious about investing in new technology for the shop floor and Predator Software stood out as the #1 choice in shop floor automation.

Predator Software Suite – Like No Other

While many visited other vendors at the show looking for solutions to help automate the shop floor, only Predator could offer a suite of modules to build upon in the future. Customers were seeking modules that could be integrated together to provide the network “backbone” to communicate across any shop floor or production facility. Once in place, other Predator applications can be integrated either stand alone, or as part of a working suite, to provide vital productivity components that enable production facilities to operate efficiently, including network security, document viewing, Internet and intranet browsing, data collection and machine status, tool and gage management and electronic work instructions. Read more below.

The Buzz In the Booth –

All of Predator’s products were on display in the booth, however a few products did create some “buzz” in the booth. Predator’s wireless DNC system took front stage in the booth. The complete booth was networked via a wireless network and connected to (2) Haas simulators demonstrating DNC communication in real-time. Visitors were able to try first hand how to “Remotely Request” files using the Haas control panel across the wireless system. In addition to Predator’s new “DNC Set Free” solution, a real-time machine status and monitoring system was displayed on several computers providing feedback as to what was happening with the system.

About Shop Floor Automations Inc.

Shop Floor Automations Inc. is the largest independent supplier of Predator Software products in the world. Serving as the Western United States Service Center for Predator Software, SFA provides sales, service, and support for all Predator products. Based in La Mesa, California, with offices and personnel in Los Angeles and Lancaster, California; Eugene, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona, SFA has remained Predator’s top reseller for three years running.

About Predator Software Inc.

Predator Software Inc. develops turnkey DNC Communications and Shop Floor Control Applications, and CNC Verification Software. The company also provides a line of products that together make up the Predator MES (manufacturing execution system) suite, which includes manufacturing data collection, electronic work instructions, and tool and gage management. Predator Software is based in Portland, Oregon, USA, with offices in; Cambridgeshire, UK; Copenhagen, Denmark, and Barcelona, Spain.

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