Is the program size on the floppy drive emulator limited to the size of the floppy disk?

Is the program size on the floppy drive emulator limited to the size of the floppy disk?

Yes, the maximum size is 1.44mb, or 720kb, depending on what density your floppy disk drive supported before.

The floppy emulator will allow a USB memory flash drive to be formatted to the capacity of the disk drive only to allow for compatibility between the device and the emulator. This eliminates the need to upgrade software or firmware on the equipment.

We have three different kinds of floppy drive emulators at SFA. We have a Haas version that works off the shelf. We also have an Okuma floppy drive core replacement that comes with an emulator. Other than that, we have a “standard” version – please call with your machine control type to make sure the emulator will be compatible. It likely is!

If you need a larger storage capacity, consider the USB Connect devices offered by Shop Floor Automations.

More about the USB Connect:

Available in portable and pendant models, the USB Connect Pendant Mount is a communication device that can be used to load and save programs from your CNC Memory and drip-feed to most CNC Machines. The USB Connect contains its own DNC firmware and requires no other device or components to work.

The device comes with all the components for the customer to install on your CNC machine. The USB Connect Pendant Mount includes 2GB USB Flash Drive Stick, a panel mount USB connector/waterproof cap, display, USB cable, & a power cable. Powers by 7-28vDC from CNC. Supports up to 16GB USB flash drives.

This hardware solution becomes part of the CNC control and there is no external cabling or power to worry about. Supports the High-speed Baud rates that Haas and Fadal controls offer. The USB Connect will work on most CNC Controls that support standard serial protocols.