Predator Software Virtual Machine & Hypervisor Requirements

The following information should be helpful to customers who want information on the levels of support for Predator Software Virtual Machine in regards to VMWare and Microsoft HyperV.

Predator Virtual Machine/Hypervisor Requirements

Virtualizing Predator Applications

Support for the following VMware virtual machine platforms or hypervisors are included with all Predator applications:

  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware ESXi
  • VMware ESX Server
  • VMware GSX Server
  • VMware Workstation

Support for the following Hyper-V virtual machine platforms or hypervisors are included with all Predator applications:

  • Hyper-V Server
  • Hyper-V with Windows 2008 Server
  • Hyper-V with Windows 2012 Server
  • Hyper-V with Windows 2016 Server – Requires v11

NOTE: Includes support for 32 bit and 64 bit editions. The latest service packs for each hypervisor and OS should be installed.

Implementations utilizing VMware or Hyper-V hypervisors require purchasing Predator FLM to simplify license management within a hypervisor style environment. Support for Predator FLM’s USB SIM requires exposing the bare metal USB port to the Predator VM, dedicating a USB port on another PC or utilizing a Network attached USB hub.

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More about Shop Floor Automations & Predator Software:

Founded back in 1998, we started as a small company focused on distributing the Predator Software product line to the San Diego and Los Angeles markets of California.  Within 6 months, we expanded to cover the entire West Coast as a reseller with the goal to be the #1 reseller in a year.

The goal was met in 1999 when SFA was awarded the status of the largest distributor of Predator Software in North America. We have been ranked #1 in Predator Software Sales, Service, and Support for many years running.

SFA has become the industry leader in Shop Floor Communications and Machine Monitoring Solutions – totally redefining what “Shop Floor Automation” solutions should be.  With thousands of customers from across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Asia, we were called upon by other vendors to provide other solutions that could be met by our knowledge, support and sales experience of the manufacturing industry.  In 2010, SFA aligned itself with these vendors to close the loop with maintenance management software, job management and scheduling software, hardware manufacturers, and machine tool companies.

SFA is located in San Diego County, situated in the bustling suburb of La Mesa, California, about 10 miles East of San Diego, ever since our founding year.  We expanded our support offices throughout the USA over the years to meet customer demands.