Predator Software PC Requirements

We know our customers have different operating systems and they also questions if they will be able to run Predator Software on them. We hope you will find the information on this page useful, in regards to the PC you have in your shop.

Minimum PC Client Hardware Requirements

Support for the following minimum computer hardware is required for Predator v11, v10, and v9 applications:

  • Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon or newer CPU
  • 10 GB or larger hard drive
  • 1 GB or more RAM
  • 1280×960 Minimum Graphics Resolution
  • Mouse
  • USB Port
  • Serial Ports & Ethernet Ports – As required for DNC, MDC & FLM

NOTE: Lower screen resolutions are supported for Predator Touch HMI and other Predator utilities and testers.

NOTE: A nVidia or AMD based graphics card is highly recommended for Predator Virtual CNC. Like most CAD/CAM systems Predator Virtual CNC will often require high-end PC components to support large and complex 3D simulations for optimum performance.

NOTE: Predator RCM requires the Fanuc Robot Server item RTL-RSR to be purchased from Fanuc Robotics. This PC option needs to be installed on the same PC running Predator RCM.

Recommended PC Server Requirements

We recommend the following minimum PC server requirements for Predator v11, v10 and v9 implementations:

  • Windows 2008 or newer OS
  • Intel i5 Series or newer CPU
  • 64 GB or larger hard drive
  • 8 GB or more RAM
  • 1280×960 or more graphics resolution
  • Mouse
  • USB Port
  • Serial Ports & Ethernet Ports – As required for Predator DNC, Predator MDC & Predator FLM

NOTE: Not all implementations require a PC server.

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