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Predator DNC

Release Notes for Predator DNC

NOTE: v11 requires Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2016 Server, 2012 Server, 2008 Server or 2003 Server.

May 7th 2019 – Predator DNC v11.0.0.26
This release fixes a few issues and includes updates to the latest Predator CNC Editor. Refer to the following details:

  1. Adds redistributable requirement for the DMG Mori terminator
  2. Improves identical folder and filename conflict identification
  3. Includes Predator CNC Editor v11.0.37
  4. Includes Predator Virtual CNC v11.0.0.289
  5. Fixes a bug with Predator CNC Editor license management during installation

April 21st 2019 – Predator DNC v11.0.0.24
This release fixes several bugs and packaging issues that were found after the initial release. Refer to the following details:

  1. Adds XModem label reminders to not use software flow control
  2. Adds .NET framework v4.5.2 install option
  3. Improves filename support within the DMG Mori Terminator
  4. Improves FTP Server support to automatically recover from unexpected disconnects
  5. Improves XModem reliability
  6. Fixes several bugs with the DMG Mori terminator
  7. Fixes a bug with default extensions and Microsoft Open and Save dialogs
  8. Fixes a bug with Command Timeout Link
  9. Fixes a bug with Fanuc Focas driver installation
  10. Fixes a bug with DMG Mori driver installation

March 15th 2019 – Predator DNC v11.0.0.22
By design, this release is intended to improve overall communications with Ethernet based CNCs, CMMs, 3D Printers, Robots and PLCs. New Ethernet based Predator Secure DNC technology has been developed to support a wide range of Windows based devices. New Ethernet based Predator Secure PLC technology has been developed to support a wide range of OPC DA based devices. Improvements to FTP, Fanuc Focas and a number of other objects have been updated. Finally, an updated user interface is also included. Refer to the following details:

  1. Adds 3D Printer support
  2. Adds PLC support
  3. Adds Windows 10 support
  4. Adds Windows 2016 Server support
  5. Adds Microsoft Access 2016 support
  6. Adds Microsoft Access 2019 support
  7. Adds Microsoft Excel 2016 support
  8. Adds Microsoft Excel 2019 support
  9. Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2016 support
  10. Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express support
  11. Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2017 support
  12. Adds Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express support
  13. Adds Oracle 13 support
  14. Adds Huge File support
  15. Adds Predator Secure DNC support
  16. Adds Predator Secure PLC support
  17. Adds DMG Mori Seiki MAPPS Ethernet support
  18. Adds Fanuc Focas Data support
  19. Adds Cognex Dataman bar code reader support
  20. Adds Cognex MX bar code reader support
  21. Adds Danobat Fanuc Ethernet support
  22. Adds Device Write support
  23. Adds New File Transfer viewer
  24. Adds Default Toolbar Layout option
  25. Improves CNC, Robot, CMM and test stand support
  26. Improves User Interface
  27. Improves Fanuc Focas support
  28. Improves FTP Client support
  29. Improves FTP Server support
  30. Improves COM Port HSM support
  31. Improves Predator MDC for Access links
  32. Improves Predator MDC for SQL links
  33. Improves Predator MDC for Oracle links
  34. Improves Floating Network Licensing
  35. Improves Online Help
  36. Improves Predator CNC Editor v11 Bundle
  37. Reduces download size by 102MB