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Happy Manufacturing Day from Shop Floor Automations!

Manufacturing Day is held every year on the first Friday of October. The purpose of this national celebration is to encourage and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Events are held across the country as manufacturers open their doors to students, parents, teachers, educational institutions, and community leaders, allowing them to get a first-hand look […]

Does Your Shop Need Predator Secure DNC?

Corporate internet security systems can be complex, which often make it difficult for shop floor machines to communicate effectively. If you are looking to securely transfer files to and from your shop floor equipment trough company firewalls, Predator Secure DNC is the best option. What is Predator Secure DNC? In short, Predator Secure DNC is […]

Why Predator DNC is Better than Free Software Alternatives

Keeping your shop running efficiently and minimizing downtime is essential in today’s competitive landscape. Thankfully, DNC software allows you to link all of your CNC programs, offsets, and machine parameters on a single network. There are several options out there for DNC software, but Predator DNC far exceeds what free software alternatives are able to […]

Trust Shop Floor Automations with Your Machine Automation and Monitoring

Since , Shop Floor Automations has helped countless clients automate their shop equipment and improve their overall efficiencies. With vast expertise and hardware solutions for over 80 brands and hundreds of controllers, you can trust Shop Floor Automations with your machine automation and monitoring. Based in La Mesa, California, we have the hardware, software, and expertise necessary […]

Utilize MTConnect for Universal Factory Floor Communication

MTConnect is a royalty-free, open factory floor communication standard that is specifically designed for the shop floor environment. This protocol enables data to transfer efficiently between devices and applications across the shop floor. Running machines, controls, software, and sensor packages with the MTConnect standard means that this data is available in XML format in a […]

How to Improve CNC Machine Shop Productivity and Efficiency

Manufacturing is always evolving. As a result, machinists that used to have a leg up on the competition are struggling to keep up with the diminishing skills gap that the industry is experiencing. As more CNC tools are becoming automated and demand for quality parts continues to grow, shops are putting an increased emphasis on […]