March 2018 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

The following is an archived copy of our March 2018 Shop Floor Automations newsletter. We celebrated 20 years contributing to USA manufacturing via our solutions.

shop floor automations newsletter20 years is a long time. Granted, there are companies in the manufacturing industry who have been around much longer, but for us, we just want to humbly say “thank you.”

In 1998, we began as a reseller of Predator Software for the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. By 1999, we were the Number One Reseller of the software.

Soon, we picked up other brands such as Scytec DataXchange and Ascendant Technologies. We also began to engineer a wide variety of hardware products to help customers across all industries to increase productivity, regardless if they had legacy machines or the latest CNC machines with Ethernet. SFA has helped thousands of customers with manufacturing solutions.

We have welcomed new employees of all ages over the years, and will never forget the loss of our co-founder, Shawn Dunne, who passed away in 2011. Our employees have had milestones of their own, such as getting married and having children. We have extended our reach across the United States, and have even taken on some International customers.

To celebrate 20 years of business, enjoy discounts up to 20% on our online store! Better jump on it, as this sale will end May 1st.

We invite you to grow with us! Call (877) 611-5825 for info on how to increase productivity and OEE.

Existing Customer?

We would like to say an extra “thank you” by inviting you to take part in a contest! Prizes range from free support to free software. Visit our 20th-anniversary page for more information and for details on what winners will receive!

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Rise Up Industries – Gang Prevention through Machining

Rise Up Industries “America is the land of the second chance – when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life.” Rise Up Industries takes this President George W. Bush quote to heart.

The SoCal machine shop provides a re-entry program for ex-gang members. Courses on machining, as well as life skills courses, helps to build better machinists and people.

They started small. It wasn’t until May of 2017 that they were able to take on more than two trainees. Their very first graduate completed the program in November of 2017.

Check out our video from visiting Rise Up!

Rise Up has Haas machines on hand – beautifully produced parts scattered in carts among the shop. The trainees receive machine training and take part in life skills training. They meet with a case manager, have counseling, and even participate in a Friday book club.

“I’ve been in mold making and tool making [for years] – I grew up in it,” says Dustin Greeves, who is the Rise Up Machine Shop Manager.

“My grandfather owned his own shop for 25 years and I say this trade will give you everything you give it. It may not happen right away, but it will.” Read on, for more info!

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