May 2017 Newsletter – Machine Monitoring Data

May 2017 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

If there are production issues at a manufacturing company, it is likely that at one time or another, a conflict has happened between those on the administrative side and those on the machinist side.

While it can appear as if the machinists are not doing their jobs, it is also likely that the machinists have tried to communicate their problems and lack of resources to the front office. With today’s diagnostic culture in mind, it’s a great idea to implement machine monitoring to help smooth over these communication issues.

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterWith machine monitoring data collection from Predator Software via MDC, it can help start a dialogue with your shop floor and its managers. Using the machine timeline dashboard via the Predator Machine Monitoring Client Software can help to plan a stand-up production meeting.

A manager can display this data on a shop floor screen and review with the team what the machines did yesterday during second and third shifts. This can encourage communication and understanding between those who work directly with machines, and those who work in the front office.

Also, the assumption that machine monitoring only works on CNC machines could be causing some shops to avoid investing in machine monitoring. For instance, an aerospace company that paints airplane parts needed their environment monitored for changes in humidity and temperature. We have also helped set up monitoring for a dairy farm, as well as testing the future possibilities of monitoring autoclaves and forklifts.

These unconventional machine monitoring capabilities have been possible with Scytec’s DataXchange and our industrious technicians. It also starts at $45 per month, per machine, which is a great way to get your feet wet with the concept of machine monitoring.

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Customer Spotlight Blog: Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace

We at Shop Floor Automations always aim to show appreciation for our customers. We offer discounts and free merch when customers fill out certain surveys, but we feel it’s not enough. Once a month, we want to take the time to highlight certain customers and what they are doing to change the modern manufacturing industry, as well as the day to day life of American consumers.

honeywell aerospaceThis Customer Spotlight Blog will be focused on Honeywell Aerospace.

Their mission, via their website: “Honeywell Aerospace innovates and integrates thousands of products and services to advance and easily deliver safe, efficient, productive and comfortable experiences worldwide.” They work on a wide variety of products, such as business jets, airplanes, aviation defense tools, space travel, and more.

News on the map: “Honeywell introduced global, high-speed inflight Wi-Fi to airlines and business jets with its latest JetWave satellite communications system.” Source

Did you know? They hit their 80th anniversary of operation recently in 2016. Honeywell Aerospace has also kindly done a video testimonial for us about using our solutions, which you can watch here.

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