USB to FADAL - shop floor automationsUSB solutions for Fadal machines:

  • Add USB to Any RS232 CNC Machine with USB Connect Solutions for Fadal machines
  • Our Floppy Drive Emulator acts as a USB Floppy Emulator, is easy to install, & requires no system configuration or debugging. Replace floppy disks and stop looking for old media for your shop floor.
  • The USB Connect Pendant Mount is a communication device that can be used to load and save programs from your CNC Memory and drip-feed to most CNC Machines. The USB Connect contains its own DNC firmware and requires no other device or components to work. This hardware solution becomes part of the CNC control and there is no external cabling or power to worry about. Supports the High-speed Baud rates that Fadal controls offer.
  • Add Ethernet with the LAN Connect. The device acts as an interface between commercially available SD flash memory and any CNC control with an available RS-232 port. Machine tool files can be sent from CNC memory to the LAN Connect device, SD memory to CNC memory or drip-fed (DNC) from the SD memory. Flexible CNC communication firmware is built into the unit, allowing connection to just about any machine tool control, which includes Fadal.

More info on our USB Connect Series

The USB Connect series, or USB to CNC, will eliminate old technology on your CNC machines & bring new life to them with our USB solutions. Tired of CNCs with a floppy disk drive? Looking to add a USB port to your CNC control to transfer NC programs? Our USB Connect products streamline loading & saving of part programs via USB connectivity, as well as drip-feeding to CNCs. Call (877) 611-5825 for more info.