Predator Software

Predator Secure DNC

Protected CNC Program Transfers

secure dnc software

Predator Secure DNC Features

  • Eliminates requirements of corporate domains, workgroups, or Windows Shares for DNC (drip-feed) transfers
  • Supports older Windows versions
  • Wireless or wired Ethernet interface via TCP/IP
  • Works for Windows-based CNC machines, CMMs, test stands, and other equipment
Predator Software

Predator Secure DNC:

This Windows-based Predator application helps make secure program transfers an easier and safer process. Component of Predator DNC.

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How does it work?

“The best way to explain how it’s helpful is that it allows secure file transfers to CNC machines through firewalls,” said one of our techs at SFA, who is experienced with Secure DNC. “For example, if a shop has Windows-based machines and strict network security, they can send directly to the hard drive of the machine without interfering with the network, or without creating additional security risks.” Another one of our techs also added that “you no longer need to share unsecured folders on machines.” Be sure to contact us, if you want more information!

More about DNC Software:

Manage your CNC programs, machine parameters, & offsets with DNC Software. Enjoy a wide range of CNC communication options from your Predator PCs for drip-feeding, downloading, & bi-directional communication. Upload via parallel, RS232, RS422 Ethernet, & wireless Ethernet for thousands of CNC machines. With Microsoft Office®  & Windows® Explorer-compatible user interface (Windows 10 O/S supported), use familiar features for drag & drop, cut, copy, paste, shortcut menus, object-based menus, toolbars, tool tips, & available online help. Trust us – this is the CNC software you’ve been looking for.

Improve CNC revision control while using existing ERP & MES bar-coded paperwork. Eliminate time wasted walking back & forth between your CNC & PC with a Remote Request function. Consider a 32-Bit, Multi-thread, Multi-tasking, Open-Architecture DNC Software solution that works wired & wirelessly.

Simplify operations with one network for all of your CNC machines, Robots, PLCs, & part makers, grouped by building or cell. We encourage you to sign up for a DNC Software webinar or call (877) 611-5825