Predator MDC

Predator MDC

Machine Data Collection
Charts & Data for Actionable Items

Predator MDC Key Features

  • Real-time machine monitoring software
  • Automatically collects, reports, charts & processes shop floor manufacturing data
  • Monitor OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime, & more
  • Improves manufacturing by supplying accurate shop floor productivity metrics
  • Enables you to enhance operations & make better decisions

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machine data collection

Why use this software?

Predator MDC creates a continuously up to date knowledge base of your manufacturing performance. It quantifies how well your machines, people, and parts are produced.

With it, you can establish and compare continuous improvement results for lean manufacturing efforts. This software organizes your real-time data into actionable metrics for availability, quality, and performance. Metrics for specific machines or rolled up metrics for an entire department across multiple plants are available with a few mouse clicks.

Refer to the following major features below.

Predator Software

Predator MDC
  • Automatic and manual data collection
  • 1 Network to monitor all your CNC machines, robots, PLCs and ATE test stands
  • 15 Real-time Dashboards for digital signage
  • Real-time Slideshows for digital signage
  • Multiple plant support
  • Unlimited number of data collection events
  • 25,000+ Reports and Charts
  • Real-Time OEE Dashboard, OEE Charts, and OEE Reports
  • Supports Wireless, Ethernet, RS232, and Parallel I/O
  • Open API and database architecture
  • Includes Predator CNC Service
  • Includes Predator MDC Executive
  • Includes Predator MDC for DOS
  • Includes Predator DNC for send, receive, and drip-feed
  • Use your existing ERP and MES bar coded paperwork
  • Upgrade to Predator SFC
  • 250+ Online help topics

Automatic and manual data collection

Supports automatic, error-free, and unattended machine monitoring for events such as job start and end, set up start and end, cycle start and end, to name a few of the events that can be monitored. This type of data is collected automatically using software, hardware, custom macros and other methods without requiring operator training or input.

Also supports manual monitoring of events that are initiated by machine operators such as machine login/offs, downtimes, and scrap reasons. Predator MDC can be used to manually collect data using several methods including Remote Request™, swiping bar codes, touchscreen PCs or standard PCs.

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touch hmi mdc

Monitor all your CNC machines, robots, PLCs, and ATE Test Stands

Predator MDC supports up to 4096 CNC machines, robots, PLCs, ATE Test Stands, band saws, dot peen markers and other equipment per PC for simultaneous cycle time, setup time, teardown time, downtime occurrences with reasons, good parts, scrap parts with reasons and an unlimited number of user defined events.

MDC real time dashboard

Real-time machine, job, and part dashboards

Keep score of your shop floor productivity with Predator MDC. Every second is tracked per machine, job, part, operation, shift, and person. Real-time dashboards display current machine, part, job, operation and personnel status. Multiple engineers, supervisors, and managers can view the dashboard from any networked PC. Leverage the power of the Internet and VPN from anywhere in the world to see the status of your shop floor.

Real-time slideshows for digital signage

Dedicate one or more large screen monitors on the shop floor for real-time digital signage. Create slides of charts, dashboards, and reports with specific filters and details. Eliminate manual posting of paper reports and charts. Provide a focal point for stand up shop meetings while enforcing productivity and manufacturing metrics that management, engineering, and quality departments care about.

machine status view

Multiple plant support

Predator MDC supports an unlimited number of plants or buildings right out of the box. Multiple plants can share a single database for enterprise wide reports and charts or each plant can have a separate database. Compare plants or compare buildings to improve productivity. Organize your machines by grouping them per building or cell. Network PCs, CNCs, robots, PLCs and ATE test stands to create an entire real-time shop floor machine monitoring and data collection system.

Network-based Data Collection

Predator MDC includes automatic data collection solutions using the Predator CNC Service at no additional charge.  With a network connection over Ethernet, wired or wireless, collect real-time data using 20 different methods including MTConnect, FANUC FOCAS, FANUC Robot, Okuma THINC, OPC, Haas, XLM and other text formats.

Real-time OEE Software

No more manual OEE driven data collection and spreadsheets. Real-time OEE data collection with an OEE Dashboard, Performance ranking charts, Trend Analysis charts, and Reports.

MDC v11
mdc adapter

Predator MDC Adapter

Hardware-based data collection for older CNCs, manual machines and other equipment are supported. Predator MDC Adapters are din rail mounted and are wired into signal lamps, light towers, extended M functions or any digital input or output. Predator MDC Adapters are available in 5, 12, 24, 48, 110 and 230-volt editions. Domestic and international editions simplify installation and configuration.

NOTE: The Predator MDC Adapter pictured above converts electrical input from any machine into text messages. To date assembly lines, band saws, dot peen markers, CNC machines, manual machines, robots, PLCs, ATE test stands and many other machines types have leveraged the power of the Predator MDC Adapter.

Predator Touch HMI

Touch HMI is described as a big button interface, Windows application to simplify real-time data collection. It also helps DNC (drip-feeding) on the shop floor. The interface can be customized with color coding from SFA.

Touch HMI can improve processes & operation, plus collect machine downtimes, scrap reasons, & more data that is crucial for data-driven decision making. It can be designed for assembly lines, test stands, light towers, and more. Use it on Windows PCs & Tablets, as well as for the purpose of replacing bar code readers, QR code readers, & hand-held terminals.

touch hmi tablet

Looking for Reports & Charts? MDC has 25,000+ to get you started!

Over 25,000 reports and charts provide unique insight into the productivity and efficiency of each manufacturer. The flexibility of the reporting and charting options within Predator MDC converts the volume of data collected into concise reports and charts to identify issues and drive improved productivity.

NOTE: Custom reports and charts can be created with Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, SQL Reports and Oracle Reports.

Supports Wireless, Ethernet, RS232, and parallel I/O

Data collection via 802.11 wireless, Ethernet, RS232, and even parallel inputs are supported with Predator MDC.

Automatic data collection interfaces

Predator MDC includes automatic data collection interfaces including MTConnect, FANUC FOCAS, FANUC Robot, Okuma THINC, OPC, Haas, and XML. 20 different methods of data collection provide enough flexibility to support every CNC machine, robot, PLC, and test stand on your shop floor.

Open API and database architecture

Integrate your ERP and MES system with Predator MDC Enterprise’s open APIs (application programming interface) with 300+ methods all fully documented. Develop ERP and shop floor validation, flow part and job numbers from ERP directly into Predator and numerous other automation projects can be completed with C#, C++, VB.Net, VB6, VB script, Windows Script, Delphi and other compatible programming languages.

Predator MDC is based on an open architecture client/server database standard. Select from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.

Cycling Teardown Downtime Idle Dashboard

Includes Predator MDC Executive

Click here to view a real-time demo of the MDC Executive Dashboard.

Predator MDC Executive is an easy-to-use, browser-based dashboard which provides an executive overview without having to install Predator MDC software. Recently, v11.0.5 was released for MDC Executive – this update helps to be able to easily use Executive from touch-based tablets, smartphones, and even touchscreen PCs.

A site license for Executive comes with v11 of both MDC Enterprise Administrator and MDC Administrator.

NOTE: Supports Microsoft Internet Explorer & Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

dnc software

Includes Predator DNC Enterprise of Predator DNC

Every Predator MDC/x Enterprise includes Predator DNC/x Enterprise while every Predator MDC/x license includes Predator DNC/x for integrated Send to CNC, Receive from CNC and drip-feed operation. Choose from three editions:

  • Predator MDC Express
  • Predator MDC
  • Predator MDC Enterprise