What is Plant Maintenance CMMS Software? Otherwise known as a “computerized maintenance management system”, a CMMS is a system used by maintenance departments to keep track of preventive & predictive maintenance-related tasks & asset history. Schedule PM’s, track repair costs, assign work orders, manage purchasing/inventory, & run trend analysis reports.  In addition, you can manage spare parts inventories, track safety events, & manage OSHA required documents.

Maintenance departments are often stretched very thin these days, so staying organized is essential.  Get scalable CMMS configured for any size business & can even be accessed on a mobile app. Our CMMS system solution below means less unplanned downtime, minimizing operational costs, & optimizing your maintenance staff. 

Bigfoot CMMS Smartware SFA - plant maintenance CMMS  

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Bigfoot CMMS Software

  • Organize, manage and track all your work orders
  • Schedule preventive maintenance with ease
  • Increase equipment life, performance and capacity utilization
  • View equipment histories and performance information
  • Make more informed capital expenditure decisions 


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  • Keep organized & reduce downtime – Automatic reminders prevent PMs from falling through the cracks, which reduces equipment downtime.
  • Save time – Request form saves maintenance department one hour per day by not having to field or respond to calls or emails for non-emergency maintenance requests.
  • Reporting – Identify what work has been done on equipment over time & what’s overdue.
  • Analysis – See how much it costs to maintain a piece of equipment over time, when it’s down, & why.
  • Bigfoot CMMS also recently released a native mobile app – they are one of a few CMMS providers that has a true app for smartphones & tablets today. Read more about the app here or by watching this video.


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