mtconnect protocol solutions

MTConnect is an open, royalty-free, universal factory floor communication standard that is designed specifically for the shop floor environment to enable the efficient transfer of data between devices (such as CNCs) & software applications similar to Predator MDC & Scytec DataXchange. Some users have referenced this as the “Bluetooth” technology we currently experience with our smartphones & daily electronic devices. By establishing an open & extensible channel of communication for plug-and-play interconnectivity between devices, equipment, & systems, MTConnect allows sources to exchange & understand each other’s data. It’s like speaking a common language!

If you want propriety software & solutions, MTConnect is not for you! This new standard will bridge your factory shop floor & link you to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Think of the equipment on your shop floor now that has limits on how they connect, can they connect, can you get real-time data from them, & what if you could make them all speak to each other? While some equipment would be limited on what can come from it, the information can quickly be displayed on dashboards, smart phones, ERP/MRP systems, & other equipment.

Improve shop floor communications & productivity on your shop floor without expensive integration, custom software or outrageous licensing costs. Shop Floor Automations is on the MTConnect Institute roster via the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) – we’d love to answer your MTConnect inquiries!

As a member of TAG, we have been part of the development and review of the standards of the MTConnect solution. Many machine tool builders listed below are part of the ongoing development and support for this standard. We strongly recommend you purchase machines with this standard for future support of automation. This standardized solution has the capability to work with many MTConnect-enabled machine – even monitoring multiple factories in real-time! For a schedule of future TAG events, please visit this page.

what is mtconnect

Mazak is actively supporting MTConnect as a way to provide complete manufacturing solutions. This includes having more than 200 of their machines prepped to accept the MTConnect adapter before they are shipped, as well as adding additional MTConnect adapters for existing Mazak equipment in the field.

Okuma machine tools are MTConnect-ready. The Okuma THINC®-OSP Control is already configured for plug-and-play interconnectivity between devices, equipment, and systems on both your shop floor and front office. These controls support MTConnect Standard v1.2 compliant MTConnect Adapters.

DMG Mori Seki supports MTConnect’s standard communication protocol. As of June 1st, 2013, all new DMG / MORI SEIKI machines equipped with MAPPS control come installed with an MTConnect Standard V1.1 compliant MTConnect Adapter.

Other Compliant companies: We provide a list of other compatible machine tool builders on our MTConnect Compatibility page. Our Machine Monitoring products, Predator Machine Monitoring & Data Collection plus Scytec’s DataXchange, are both MTConnect compatible and we provide MTConnect adapters for machines. This standardized solution has the capability to work with many MTConnect-enabled machines — even monitoring multiple factories in real-time! If you want to learn more, please call (877) 611-5825

Scytec DataXchange

Scytec DataXchange Software™

  • Low-cost, simple way to monitor shop floor equipment from anywhere with Internet access
  • MFG Data Collection as low as $45 per month per machine
  • Collect real-time shop floor data with no servers to maintain
  • Works with any CNC controller type or equipment

Predator MDC Software™

  • Real-time machine monitoring software
  • Automatically collects, reports, charts, and processes manufacturing data
  • Data evaluated includes OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, downtime & more
Predator MDC